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How to Choose the Right Condom

Condoms are generally used to control birth and pregnancy. These are also used to prevent HIV and other STIs. When it comes to birth control, condoms may be a drag, as; you're really in direct contact with your partner. But if you use them properly, they are extremely effective at preventing pregnancy and STIs and they don't require the woman to be on hormones like the Pill, the Patch, the Nuvaring, the Shot, or the Implant. In addition to protecting you, condoms can help if the guy reaches orgasm too quickly by decreasing sensations.

You will find out so many kinds of condoms out there in the market. With so many kinds of condoms out there, it's tough to decide how to pick the right one. First of all, we need to check one basic thing. It's important to know about what the condom is made of. Whether it comes with lubricant? What size it should ideally be. You have to figure out all these things to choose a right condom.

Lambskin condoms: These condoms are made out of lamb intestines and while the pores of this material are not large enough to allow sperm through, much smaller bacteria and viruses may easily slip in and out of condom. So, be aware that lambskin condom though prevents pregnancy, but doesn’t protect against STIs including HIV. These condoms break easily. So, you need to be extra careful while using these condoms.

Choose the suitable material: Latex condoms are splendid because they protect against STIs and also prevent birth and pregnancy. Most condoms are made out of latex only. But remember to only use water-based lubes with these condoms. Unfortunately, some women have sensitivity to latex material that causes an intolerable burning irritation. If that's the case, one may try the following alternatives.

Polyurethane condoms: These condoms also protect against STIs and prevent pregnancy, and are great for those with sensitivity to latex material. Durex Avanti and Trojan Supra are made out of polyurethane. These condoms of polyurethane transmit the heat properly and these are ultra-thin and strong enough as compared to latex condoms. So you may feel more comfortable than latex condoms. Both water-based and oil-based lubricants can be used with these condoms.

Lubricants on Condoms: Lubricants can really help make sex more pleasant, but some lubricants on condoms contain the spermicidal Nonoxynol-9. This can cause irritation, so before declaring that you are allergic to latex, try using a condom that is free of spermicide first. If the spermicide bothers you, buy a condom without it and use your own separate personal lubricant. So, lubricants are just to make sex more enjoyable.

Size of a condom: Most condoms are of one size and fits to all. However, if you are sleeping with a well-endowed man, you will need to buy bigger size condoms. You don't want your man's condom to be too snug a fit as it is both uncomfortable and poses a greater risk for breakage. So, pick the right one.

Want to have added pleasure? – The added pleasures to condoms are a new innovation. We can find some condoms that are colored. Some have ribs or pleasure dots, some are flavored, and some even tingle. Just be sure about the main purpose of wearing a condom. Read the labels on these to make sure they say that they're effective in preventing pregnancy and STIs. If not, all these added pleasures are meaningless.

Female condoms: You can also try out a female condom. This is another option that the woman inserts inside her vagina instead of the traditional condoms. It's made out of polyurethane, contains no spermicide, and is 95% effective at preventing pregnancy.

Whatever may be your choice, make sure the condom is on right place.

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