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More How to Know a Woman is a Virgin Without Even Asking

How to Tell a Woman is a VirginThe biggest indicator that a girl is a virgin is her insistence that she wants a guy who is a virgin himself. Whether or not you can meet her standard will doubtless affect whether you think that a good thing or a bad thing.

A virgin is a woman who has never had sexual intercourse. Virginity is the state of being a virgin. It is derived from the Latin Virgo, which means “sexually inexperienced woman“, used typically of adolescents, but also of older women, and even goddesses. A possible indication of virginity is the presence of a hymen, a thin membrane that partially occludes the entrance to the vagina. The first time a woman has intercourse the hymen gets stretched or torn. However, a hymen is not a reliable indication of virginity. As any other body part, it varies greatly between individuals, and is almost nonexistent in some women. In others it may be so delicate that it can be torn in the course of non-sexual physical activity or by use of hygienic products during menstruation.

In days “prehistoric”, it used to be that evidence of an unbroken hymen was the “litmus test”, so to speak. However, as time went on, individuals discovered that the hymen could not be used as the guideline for virginity or lack thereof because the hymen may be broken by accident and/or through trauma unrelated to any sexual intercourse; and, in addition, the hymen, even if broken, may be surgically repaired.

The first thought many of you may have is that such creatures no longer exist. You would be wrong. According to the most reliable surveys, about 25% of the U.S. female population has never had sex, never had sex except within marriage, or only had premarital sex with their current partner. Fully 10% of women enter marriage as virgins. So, while it’s rare, it isn’t that rare. Of course, in certain subcultures, it will be more common than in others.

It is not 100% sure; but, you can still say that a woman is a virgin (of course, without asking her) if she is:

An Evangelical Protestant:

Being a Protestant on the other hand, particularly an Evangelical Protestant, usually means you actually believe the stuff. That is why the term ìbad Catholicî is in common parlance, while there is no commonly used equivalent like ìbad Protestant.î For an Evangelical Protestant, faith must be personal.

A North East Asian (Chinese, Japanese, Korean)

This may seem contradictory, as NE Asians are among the least religious people on earth. However, if you can find an attractive NE Asian Evangelical, chances are you have hit the jackpot. Even some non-religious women in these groups are virgins into their late twenties or even late thirties.

Someone young

The less time she has been out in the dating world, the fewer opportunities she has had to have sex. Also, the fewer boyfriends the less chance that one of them had the moves to get her into bed.

Smarter and intelligent

Smarter people have more self control. The sad fact is that the people who are most likely to disapprove of pre-marital sex, the poor and uneducated, are also the ones most likely to have a lot of it.

Someone in the 6-8 range for looks

There are two factors in how her looks influence a womanís sexual behavior. First of all, if a woman is very good looking, she will suffer fewer consequences from having more partners. If you are a perfect 10, you are going to have lots of high quality suitors regardless of how much you slut it up.

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