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Keeping Intimacy Alive in a Relationship and MarriageIn order to make a marriage successful, one has to make a lot of efforts, compromise on a lot of things and make sacrifices. Intimacy is an important factor of a married life and the truth is that in early years of a marriage, everything looks fine and exciting. With the passage of time intimacy takes a back seat and other responsibilities take over. Intimacy is not at all about good sex. You need to be close to your partner emotionally too in order to share perfect couple intimacy.
Expecting things will never change in a marriage is living in a denial. With the growing family and other responsibilities, things will change. It is husband and wife’s duty to keep the intimacy alive in marriage. If you think emotional and physical intimacy is fading away, you should start to make an effort so that you can make intimacy in marriage alive.

Yes, other responsibilities such as taking care of children, paying bills, dealing with household chores and worrying about career moves are important but nothing can be as important as your marriage. You should always be able to take out some time for your better half. Spending quality time will keep the couple intimacy alive in your marriage and if you are happy with your married life, you will be able to focus on other things as well.

People always complained that things have changed after their marriage. They should also think about the changes their personality has gone through. Everyone changes with the passage of time. The reason of lack of intimacy in your marriage can be due to the fact that your husband or wife has changed a lot. Maybe you do not appreciate your partner in the same way as you used to in early years of marriage.

Appreciation is the key to happiness. Always appreciate efforts of your partner to make him or her feel good. If you like something about them, tell them instead of keeping your feelings to yourself. A little bit of appreciation now and then will keep your spouse happy and the intimacy in your married life will never fade away.

Always keep in mind that things do not change all of a sudden. Every change needs time and if the couple intimacy has faded out, it has happened after a certain time. To revive it you will also need some time. Be consistent in making things better and always manage to tell your partner how much you adore them.

Trust keeps the marriage strong. Communicate whatever is in your mind with your partner. If you have any reservations about your intimate life, share it with your partner openly. Make them feel comfortable so that they can also discuss their feelings with you. Communication should always be a part of your life no matter what happens. Hiding your feelings will make the situation extremely worse.

Surprise your partner often with good gestures and nice gifts. You do not have to spend a lot because sometimes even a hug can say it all. Make sure you show your love and affection to your partner so that you can always manage to keep the intimacy alive in your married life.

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