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More Saturated Fat Blamed for Low Sperm Count

Sperm CountA recent study has found the link to low sperm count – Saturated fat! Consuming saturated fat at a high level lowers sperm count and concentration. In spite of knowing hard facts about saturated fat enriched diet and how it affects our health in every way, we live in oblivion and continue to consume it in some form or the other.

The condition of low sperm count is on the rise today more than ever before. And infertility amongst men is slowing rising. Before you know, it will be an epidemic. Saturated fat is found in everything unhealthy, when it comes to food. Cheeses, meats, processed food, sugar goodies and all if consumed regularly and without control, will cause low sperm count and concentration. A study used a group of Danish men and monitored them. Most of them were above age 20. The results from their semen sample brought forth a startling fact. The study found men who consumed food items high in saturated fat content had a striking 38% low sperm count, while 41% had low count in their sperm.

Saturated fat intake also increases cholesterol level, which leads to different health conditions from heart diseases to obesity. This type of fat is found in most of the animal products, like dairy, meat and various fried and processed food items.

It’s never too late

  • First and foremost, get rid of all the processed food items that are high in saturated fat content. Adopt a healthy diet, especially food items that are high in protein and low in fat. Introduce a lot of whole grants, vegetables and fruits in your daily diet. Instead of red meat, have fish and lean meat but in mild concentration.
  • Kick the butt (not the violent version) Give up smoking. Refrain from alcohol consumption.
  • Let go of those fad energy drinks. Believe me, they are of no use. They only contain taurine and caffeine, which also affect the sperm count.
  • Exercise, exercise and do a lot of exercise. Eating healthy will not alter your lifestyle. Working out will help boost your sperm count and concentration to a great level.
  • Eat nuts – well that sounds quite literal but different types of nuts, from cashews, walnuts, almonds, peanuts to even pumpkin seeds help increase sperm count.

Along with the above pointers another vital step to increase or at least regulate sperm count is to avoid frequent masturbation. Ejaculating on a regular basis lowers sperm count. Millions of sperms are produced every day. However, a person with low sperm count must avoid masturbating regularly because it is best to keep the little guys stored up, right?

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