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How to Be Friend’s with Benefits

Friends with BenefitsLoving relationships can be wonderful and exciting, but they can also be demanding and hard to come by. Sometimes you just want rare companionship and sex without the commitments. This is when you feel need of “friends with benefits” relationship. The following steps will be useful enough to experience the advantages of a romance without getting on your nerves.

Just be sure about what you want: Take your time and think first whether you fit in to this bill. Having a basic thought of your needs and being able to eloquent those needs could help you save lot of drama in the end. If your heart is hoping that a lifelong relationship will spring forth from the well of friendship but your mouth is saying ìI totally donít want anything serious eitherî, then your ëFriend with benefitsí is not off to a good start. Make sure that you know where your heart and head are at and that youíre being honest with your friend about your objective.

Donít wait till it gets too heavy to handle: In this ìFriends with benefitsî relationship people generally have a short shelf life. They are likely to morph into something deeper for one or both partners. If your informal relationship starts to change, just put an end to it immediately unless you are happy with the changes.

Be ìjust friendsî for some time: One of the great aspects of being ëFriend with benefitsí is that, you can be friends who donít always have sex. Here, sex is just a benefit. Donít lose your focus on the non-sex benefits by making sure that you spend some time hanging out, cooking together, and catching a movie etc.

Donít be jealous or insecure: If youíre feeling jealous or insecure, itís okay to say that. Speak up your mind! How else can you handle it if you donít discuss? Being jealous is natural. But, not discussing it honestly may lead to a disaster.

Pick your partner sensibly: Being friends with benefits requires a subtle balance. Your partner should be the one with whom you could enjoy spending time with and vice versa.

There should be clear set of rules: This kind of special relationship needs a clear set of limitations. Decide together what those rules should be. Make sure of the mutual and firm acceptance of you both. Although one of the benefits of a ëFriend with benefitsí may appear to be that you can live life, for the time being, without a so-called ball and chain, the fact is that some rules are there to protect you. If you donít set boundaries or rules about whom else each of you can have sex with or under what circumstances, how else are you going to limit your exposure to infections? Or prevent your ëFriend with benefitsí from morphing into the laughing stock of your friend circle.

Donít get sidetracked: Stick to the rules honestly. Maybe you want to spend just a night. Maybe you begin to spend more time together than you should. The rules should only be broken if you come to a decision to change the nature of your relationship.


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