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How to Be Irresistible to Men

How To Be Irresistable

There are multiple ways to attract men and get noticed by them. It is about highlighting your feminine strengths and being confident. To get focused by men, you better be focused on you. You have to believe yourself as interesting to be interested by others.

There are few tips which are helpful enough to become irresistible to men:

  1. Your sense of humor: It is an art finding a funny side of any situation. You can attract people if you can master this art. There is a thin line between being funny and being silly. Be careful!
  2. Be yourself and believe yourself: Donít try to be like someone. Every woman is beautiful. Believing in your beauty adds strength to it and makes you more beautiful.
  3. Be hygienic: Hygiene is caring yourself. The better you care your body, the vibrant it looks. Apply mild perfumes, take regular showers, and brush your teeth at least twice. Always wear clean clothes. Cleanliness attracts exceptionally to men.
  4. Be healthy rather trying to look beautiful: A healthy body adds enormous strength to your beauty. If you are healthy and beautiful – you are one in a million. Do not put on weight. Don’t be skinny and lose weight. Eat well. Eat healthy. Get enough sleep. Be regular in exercising.
  5. Admire yourself: While you look into a mirror, focus on your qualities and admire them. It is like polishing your jewelry. The better you polish the brighter they glitter. If you identify any flaws in your body, donít be disappointed. None of us are flawless. Admit them and keep moving.
  6. Be generous, caring and kind hearted: Men like this feminine quality very much. An ordinary looking generous and caring woman will have an edge over a tough talking beautiful woman.
  7. Be modest and reserved: If you are not boring but reserved in nature, it is an advantage. If you are reserved and boring too, it is certainly a disadvantage. Men get attracted to reserved women quite often.
  8. Keep a smile on your face and a gentle eye contact: It is mesmerizing for any men when a woman makes an eye contact with a warm smile asking him politely for a favor.

The DON’Ts:

  • Showing lots of skin, being very touchy-feely often backfires.
  • Don’t rush to sex with him.
  • Don’t act overconfident.
  • Don’t praise about you.
  • Don’t say “you are so lucky to have a girl like me”.
  • Don’t say you “can’t do this”.
  • Donít say “you can’t drive well”.
  • Don’t say “Mr. X is better’.
  • Don’t say “You don’t know this”.


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