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How to Be Irresistible to Women

How To Be IrresistableNice guys always finish last when it comes to the dating game? Well you see nice guys are simply too predictable and there is nothing left to know about them. Whereas in the case of bad boys they never disclose too much and there is always an aspect of mystery about them which women love. The key here is to maintain a level of mystery.

    1. Be a confident and act naturally: Women get attracted to guys who are confident in nature and comfortable with them. You must like being around yourself before others will. Don’t be supercilious, but be confident in your skills and strengths.
    2. Being with another woman: Women are more curious about those men whom they find with another woman. It ensures them that he in fact likes women and that ís attractive to them.
    3. Eye contact is a must: Most men do not look into womenís eyes. They talk as if they know where she is. It is not at all attractive. It is a very basic thing that women like men looking in to their eyes. It doesnít mean that you have to undress a woman with your looks.
    4. Make use of your sense of humor: Women like to laugh. It helps if you are naturally funny and witty. It makes them easy and comfortable to approach you. But, you don’t have to be a clown. Don’t take serious things. Laugh with an ease. Just be careful of trying too hard to be funny or tell rough and ready jokes. Remember, you are trying to appeal to women, not men.
    5. Don’t try to “buy” her: If you buy her a drink, she is compelled to say thank you and there it ends. If she accepts the drink, the polite thing for her to do would be to spend a little time talking to you, but thatís all. If you are happy with that, well ñ you may buy her a drink. On the other hand, if a woman takes the drink and walks away, let her go. There is no fun spending time with such lady.
    6. Stand out from the crowd: Let the distinct things of your personality stand out, such as your dress or the way you talk. If you have an accent or if you are from another culture, embrace it instead of hiding it. Women are intrigued by men who are from other cultures or who are different from everyone else. Try to stand out and create an impression of mystery that invites women to want to get to know you.
    7. Talk Less & Listen more: Don’t try to impress a woman by bragging about your GPA at Harvard, or the fact that you are a CEO of a transnational company. Youíll get precisely the kind of woman who only into you for your achievements and possessions. Instead, ask questions and listen for the answers. Give your opinions. Get to know the woman and also let her get to know you.
    8. Know her interests: Let her talk what sheís crazy about. If you are not into it, you can say that you are not too familiar with it. But, appreciate her interests. Ask her more about it. As she is at-home in it, she will love to talk more about it fluently and that makes her feel commendable and more importantly a man who likes to know about it and listens to it.

    You don’t need a guitar, rock-hard abs, or even a full head of hair to make a great impression on a woman. These above little things make much of a difference.


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