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How to Find the Right Sex Position to Conceive

Sex Positions to ConceiveWe’re often asked what is the best sex position to get pregnant. Getting pregnant is not always easy. While some do get pregnant the first time they have sex, many couples can try for six months to a year or more. It is possible, but less probable, to get pregnant even if sperm is on the vulva, or outer regions of the woman‘s genitals. But, if you are trying to conceive (ttc), there are some sex positions that increase your chances of success.

After ejaculation, semen form a pool and then enter the cervix in waves over a 3-6 day period of time. The best sex positions increase the chance for semen to enter the vagina and form a pool at the opening of the cervix. Of course you want to carefully time when you have sex.

More important than the sex position, is timing. Having sperm ready inside the woman as she is ovulating is key. Doctors believe ovulation occurs 11-21 days from the last menstral period. Some woman know when this is happening because they feel a very slight pain at the time the egg pops out of the ovary. You can also be aware of your ovulation cyle based on the consistency of your cervical mucus, which should abundant, slippery, clear, and very stretchy – similar to the consistency of an egg white. Tracking basal temperature and using a store bought conception kit also can help you determine when you are at your best to conceive.

The best sex positions are with the woman lying down on her back. Her hips should be tilted up at an angles that the vagina is slightly higher than the cervix. You can do this by placing a small pillow under her rear end. You don’t want to use to big a pillow since you don’t want the semen to pool behind the cervical opening.

When the man is ready to ejaculate, he should try to ejaculate when the penis is fully penetrated inside the vagina. After ejaculation, the woman should continue to lay there with her butt proped up for at least 2-30 minutes. This increase the chance for the semen to pool around the cervix and reduces the chance of semen dripping out of the vaginal opening.


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