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How to Have Vaginal Orgasms

Vaginal OrgasmsThere are many ways that women can have orgasms. When having sex with a partner though, many women want to know how to have vaginal orgasms. The first step in achieving this goal is for a woman to know her own body well. You’ll need to make sure that you’ve practiced plenty through masturbation so that you know what excites you. If you don’t even know what gets you off, it’s not likely that your partner will be able to figure it out.

When learning how to have vaginal orgasms through masturbation, you might want to start with a toy. There are many toys out there, from very simple to extremely elaborate options. Most beginners like to start with a simple vibrating dildo. It will allow for penetration while also stimulating the clitoris. Women typically find it much easier to achieve an orgasm when clitoral stimulation is involved.

As you work to learn how to have vaginal orgasms, be sure that you’re getting yourself aroused first. If you’re working alone, play plenty of attention to your breasts. Don’t just focus on the nipples, but give yourself time to massage your entire breast and get really excited. Once you’re ready, move on to stimulate your clitoris. Get close to orgasm before moving on to penetration.

When you’re ready to try learning how to have vaginal orgasms through penetration, you’ll begin by exploring your vagina. Take a finger or two and feel yourself inside and out. You’re especially looking for an area that’s known as the G-Spot. Stimulating this spot is essential if you want to have a vaginal orgasm. You’ll notice that you’re soft and spongy inside ñ except for a rough area about 2 or 3 inches inside of your vagina. This is your G-Spot.

You’ll need to be very relaxed as you work to learn how to have vaginal orgasms. You do want to push your boundaries and try new things, but you don’t want to become so obsessed with having an orgasm that you tense up and stop enjoying yourself. Try using a finger to stimulate the G-Spot and see how it feels. Many women find that stimulating their G-Spot initially brings a feeling that’s similar to having to urinate. Don’t let this stop you, as it is actually a sign that you’re on the right track.

After you’ve learned how to have vaginal orgasms on your own, you’ll want to try it with your partner. Again, you need plenty of foreplay before you get started. Some women like their man to perform oral sex before intercourse, either getting very close to orgasm or actually achieving one. They then move on to penetration and find that it’s much easier to get to an orgasm after their oral session.

There are several positions that work best when you’re trying to learn how to have vaginal orgasms. For most women, they are positions that leave them on top. You’ll also want to look for ways to stimulate the clitoris while having sex, as this can lead to easier and more intense orgasms. Experiment with a few different positions until you find one that gives you the most pleasure.

Learning how to have vaginal orgasms might take some practice, but it should be fun. Don’t focus so much on the orgasm that you find yourself tensed up and insecure, as this is not likely to yield the results you’re looking for. Be relaxed, open minded and stay excited about your goal. When you follow these techniques, you’ll be well on your way to many exciting sessions of masturbation and lovemaking.


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